Street food is an essential part of the Indian culture and cuisine. There are a number of street foods from across the countries that are famous, but nothing can beat the hot and Crispy Kachoris and Samosas from Benaras or Varanasi. Varanasi is the most popular city for quality and tasty food items. Varanasi is popular for its street food. You have to visit Kachori Gali, and Vishwanath Gali to enjoy the local flavour of Varanasi. You can enjoy choosing your favourite food items from Kachori, Chaat and Paan. You can drink tasty Lassi and Thandai in various Flavours. Even continental food like pizza can be savoured at one of the Ghats. For chicken and Kebabs, Sadar Bazaar is the place to be.


Following few Varanasi cuisines are famous worldwide:

Banarasi Paan

Banarasi paan is famous across the world because of its awesome taste. People usually eat PAAN after meal as a mouth fresher to remove the bad odour from the mouth and also because it helps in digestion, but when it comes to Benarasi paan, one can have it any time of the day. Ingredients of every paan are almost the same, but the process of making Banarasi paan makes it special and different from other paan. The creativity of the paan makers and their style of serving add to the taste. Plain surti is thoroughly washed with water for hours. It is then mixed properly  with barash, small cardamom, peppermint powder and rose water. Plain surti does not result in dizziness even if consumed in high quantity. The leaves of paan , which brings tears to dedicated Banarsis’ eyes, is called Maghai and is grown in Bihar. The Magha...Read more>>

Choora Matar

This street food is basically a Benarasi twist to the Poha or Kanda Poha. It is flattened rice soaked in desi ghee and tempered with various spices along with fresh green peas to which milk or cream is added along with raisins and saffron. It tastes best with a hot cup of masala chai. ...Read more>>


Makhan Malaiyyo or Nimish is a popular winter street dessert that is influenced by Persian way of cooking. Milk froth is flavoured with saffron and cardamoms and garnished with pistachios and almonds. Served in Purva or kulhads, this creamy froth will literally melt in your mouth. ...Read more>>

Tamatar Chaat

Benaras has its own version of the famous chaat which is made with tomatoes and you'll only find it here. It is a spicy preparation in which tomatoes are mixed with hing, pounded ginger, green chillies and spices with the addition of boiled potatoes. It is served in a dona (bowl made with Palash leaves) along with chaat masala and small-sized crispy namak pare. ...Read more>>


Chaat is among the other foods that Varanasi is known for. Right from aloo tikki – potato patties served with chickpea curry and topped with chutneys, to pani puri and papdi chaat, there’s a huge variety of chaats to try. Kashi Chaat Bhandaar is a popular destination near Dashwamedha ghat for all these and the must-try Tamatar Chaat (Tomato Chaat). Also unique to Benaras is this butter toast called safed makhhan toast. Thick, local bread toasted over live coal, and then slathered with a supremely-generous helping of white butter or regular butter, depending on your taste preferences. Ask for a little salt and pepper with the white butter. Laxmi Chai Waale is the place to visit for this. This popular joint also serves tea – deeply boiled, strong and sweet tea made over a coal stove and served in an earthen kullhad, whi...Read more>>

Baati Chokha

Baati Chokha, which is popularly savoured in Bihar, makes for a tasty street snack in Varanasi too. Baati is a wheat ball stuffed with sattu and Chokha is a mash of brinjal and potatoes mixed with various spices. People like to keep the chokha simple and less spicy. ...Read more>>

Laaiya Chana

Laaiya Chana is similar to what Jhalmuri and Bhelpuri is but it has soaked boiled chana instead of puffed rice. It includes onions, tomatoes, peanuts and lots of masalas. This snack tastes best with a cup of tea. ...Read more>>

Dahi Chutney Wale Gol Gappe

Dahi Chutney wale Gol Gappe are also popularly known as Meethe Golgappe that offer both spicy and sweet flavours. These street snacks are just like chaat paapdi is, the only difference is that it uses wafer thin and crisp Gol Gappas instead of the Paapdi. ...Read more>>

Thandai & Lassi

Varanasi is a city that produces lots of milk and curd and therefore, you'll find them in most of their preparations. Benarasi Thandai is made from seasonal fruit puree. The other way to end a typical Benarasi breakfast is to have a kullhad (earthen glass) of thick, cardamom flavoured Lassi topped with a generous helping of malai or cream and a few drops of rose-water. I had it at a small joint close to Ram Bhandar but Lassiwala near Assi Ghat or Blue Lassi in Vishwanath Gali are sought after for the variety of lassis on offer. Another must-try item at these lassi joints is their Thandai – milk flavoured with a variety of spices. Enroute to anywhere you’re likely to cross one of Varanasi’s many Misthan Bhandaars that serve delicious sweets all day round. Do try the Malpuas, Gulab Jamuns and Lal Pedhas.   ...Read more>>


Most of the breakfast joints also serve crispy, syrupy, hot Jalebis that are perfect to end the I’m-already-stuffed breakfast adventure. Do ensure that the Jalebi has had time to soak in the sugar syrup, else it might be a tad bland, as was the case with the bunch we had. ...Read more>>

Chhena Dahi Vada

Chhena is similar to Rasmalai in terms of shape and is dipped in sweet Yoghurt and a hint of masala made of jeera and black salt. It makes for a perfect mix of sweet and sour. The coriander garnishing makes it more refreshing. ...Read more>>

Kachori Sabzi

Kachori Sabji makes for the most popular Kaleva (breakfast) option in Benaras. There are two different types of kachoris- bad and Choti kachori. Badi kachori is stuffed with masala made of lentils called dal ki pithy and Choti kachori is stuffed with a spicy potato mixture. Both of these kachoris are savoured with garam masala wali aloo ki Sabzi and desi ghee jalebi. What a way to start your day! ...Read more>>



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