Banarasi Paan

Banarasi Paan

Banarasi paan is famous across the world because of its awesome taste. People usually eat PAAN after meal as a mouth fresher to remove the bad odour from the mouth and also because it helps in digestion, but when it comes to Benarasi paan, one can have it any time of the day.

Ingredients of every paan are almost the same, but the process of making Banarasi paan makes it special and different from other paan. The creativity of the paan makers and their style of serving add to the taste.

Plain surti is thoroughly washed with water for hours. It is then mixed properly  with barash, small cardamom, peppermint powder and rose water. Plain surti does not result in dizziness even if consumed in high quantity.

The leaves of paan , which brings tears to dedicated Banarsis’ eyes, is called Maghai and is grown in Bihar. The Maghai leaf is soft and melts in the mouth, to Pandeyji, who points out that it leaves no resha (strands) in the teeth, all are in agreement.

Only not the Benarasi paan walas work hard to prepare their special paan, but they also serve it in a different way. In Delhi or Lucknow, lime and other ingredients are mixed hours before, but in Varanasi, the paanwala put all ingredients while serving. It is believed that if the ingredients are mixed earlier, then it loses its taste.

When the customers ask for a paan, thepaan wala prepares it quickly and serve it with his right hand. While serving, they follow the nawaabi style with the left hand touching the elbow of the right hand. This unique style of serving adds to the taste.

These mouthwatering street snacks will create everlasting food memories and you must try them.


The most commonly found types of paan include:

  • Tobacco (tambaku paan): The paan bearing the powdered tobacco with spices.
  • Betel nut (paan masala or sada paan and supari): Paan bearing the mixture of the chopped betel and other spices.
  • ”Sweet” (meetha paan): The Betel leaf consists of fillings of coconut, fruit preserves and many spices. Cherry is also included in this. There is no tobacco in this paan.
  • ”Trento” (olarno paan): This is the paan that has the mint flavour and tastes like betel.



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